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St. Lucia Festival
 December 11, 2021
 From: 1 pm to 4 pm
 Museum of Seminole County History
 300 Eslinger Way, Sanford, Florida
The St. Lucia Festival volunteer committee is excited to announce our intent to proceed with our St. Lucia Festival on Saturday, December 11, 2021, from 1 to 4 pm. The health and safety to everyone is a priority to our committee. We will be working closely with the Museum of Seminole County History to facilitate the best possible environment.


  • Swedish Dessert & Beverage Sampling
  • Reading of the Santa Lucia Legend and Lucia Procession
  • Swedish History & Decoration Display – Music
  • Giant Dala Horse – Reading of the Tomten Legend

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For more information, please contact Teri Below.

-Teri Patterson, Coordinator

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St. Lucia’s Day is a holiday named after Saint Lucy of Syracuse, also known as Saint Lucia. It is celebrated in Sweden on December 13. Lucia was a wealthy young Christian martyr who is venerated as a Saint by Catholic and Orthodox Christians. At an early age she vowed herself to God. When she rejected a pagan suitor, he denounced her during the persecutions under Diocletian. She is the patron saint of blindness. Throughout Sweden the feast day of Lucia, is celebrated as the Festival of Light. Before dawn, young girls dress in a white gown with a crown of evergreen leaves and candles glowing. They awaken their families with a traditional Lucia song and serve them hot coffee and sweet saffron buns.

Apelsin is Swedish for Orange